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Keyman for macOS Beta
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Introducing Keyman for macOS 10.0.42 Beta

Keyman is now available on macOS! This beta release of Keyman brings the power of Keyman Desktop and its extensive library of keyboards for over 1,000 languages to macOS. Use all the keyboards you are familiar with on Windows on macOS. You can even create your own custom keyboards with Keyman Developer 9.0 (a Windows product).

Our unique virtual keyboard technology makes it easy to type in all your programs, including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, internet browsers and more, as well as supporting the latest version of macOS.

Keyman for macOS has been developed with the support of Lao Script for Windows and SIL International.

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Keyman for macOS is completely free. The feature grid below details the technical differences in functionality between Keyman Desktop for Windows, and the current beta version of Keyman for macOS:

Feature Windows Support macOS Support
World-leading input methods for thousands of languages
Create your own custom keyboards
Keyboard switching hotkeys
baselayout() statement
if() statement
&language store
mnemonic layouts (always US base layout)
IMX support (e.g. Chinese keyboard)

Keyman Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I install Keyman for macOS?

A. Visit Keyman for macOS help to learn how to install and start using Keyman on macOS.

Q. Is Keyman for macOS Beta really free?

A. Yes it is! For the life of the beta program, Keyman for macOS will be free.

Q. What versions of macOS will Keyman work with?

A. Keyman is compatible with macOS 10.7 and later.

Q. Will my existing Windows Keyman keyboard work with Keyman for macOS?

A. Most keyboards will work without change, and even without recompiling. A small subset of keyboards require features which are not yet available in the beta. These features will be progressively implemented. Keyman for macOS will inform you when you attempt to install a keyboard if it is using a currently unsupported feature.

Q. I found a bug. Where can I report it?

A. Send bug reports through to support@keyman.com. We cannot guarantee a response to your message, but we will read it.

Q. What languages does Keyman support?

A. The short answer is a lot! With keyboards for over 1000 languages, there's a very good chance we have yours covered. You can search for a keyboard for your language here. If we don't already have a keyboard available, you can use Keyman Developer 9.0 to build one!

Q. Will you help me install Keyman?

A. Because we are offering this as a free download, we can not provide technical support for it at no charge. If you would like technical support, please contact sales@keyman.com to purchase a support contract. Our standard support contract rate is Australian A$150/hour.

Q. How can I update Keyman?

A. First, logout and login again. This ensures that Keyman is not in use. Then you should be able to drag and update Keyman in the same way as you originally installed Keyman for macOS.

Q. Are there any known issues with Keyman for macOS 10.0.42?

  • Keyman for macOS 1.2.2 corrects the compatibility issue with macOS 10.13 High Sierra.
  • In the Download dialog,​ the Install Keyboard button is not working in macOS 10.8.5 Mountain Lion.
  • ​Dragging the Keyman app to the Input Methods alias on install does not work on 10.8.5 Mountain Lion.
  • ​Dropping a keyboard onto the Keyman Configuration dialog is not working on 10.8.5 Mountain Lion: the keyboards are copying into the folder but are not visible in the UI.
  • ​Keyman does not detect context correctly in Open Office or LibreOffice or MS Word 2011 14.4.3.
  • After installing a keyboard, it needs to be ticked in Keyman Configuration.
  • On some computers, you need to allow “apps from anywhere” in security in order for Keyman to start.
  • The ​Keyman Configuration window should not be on top of other applications.

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