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IPA Keyboards

tʰaɪpʰ ɪn aɪ pʰiː eɪ kʰeɹɛktɚz ɪn ɔl jɚ faɪvɹɪt̚ pɹogɹæmz

tʰaɪp̚ wɪðaʊt̚ tʃeɪndʒɪŋ jɚ hɔɹdwɛɹ wɪð ðiz junəkod kiboɹdz

Type IPA characters in all your favourite programs, including your email, web browser, Word, Excel, Outlook and many, many more...

These keyboards and applications let you type IPA without changing your hardware. Each one is Unicode compliant.


SIL IPA Unicode

This mnemonic keyboard, developed by Martin Hosken of SIL, is designed to provide easy access to any IPA character.

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This keyboard encodes all the characters of the IPA, as well as a host of additional characters and symbols. It includes help in English and Portuguese.

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An excellent keyboard for Latin transcription of Semitic languages, with support for the full IPA range. Optimised for Swedish keyboard layouts.

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BU Keyboard

This keyboard provides access to a wide range of IPA, Americanist, and European Latin characters, along with arrows and symbols for currency, typesetting, and mathematics.

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The keyboard downloads come with Keyman Desktop, our multilingual typing application. Learn more…

Keyman Desktop will automatically configure your computer to work with IPA.

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