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About SIL International

Keyman is created by SIL International. You can learn more about SIL International on the SIL International web site.

Who works on Keyman?

Marc Durdin

I wrote the first versions of the flagship product, Keyman, as a teenager while living in Laos, in between home schooling and riding my bicycle around town fixing NGO computers. After moving to Tasmania for University, where I completed a Bachelor of Computing degree, I worked with my wife for a year in Papua New Guinea as a volunteer with Australian Volunteers International. I continued part-time development of Keyman during and after University and started working full time on the full suite of Keyman projects in 2005.

Outside work I still ride my bike. We have two daughters and one son. I can speak, to some degree, Lao, Thai, Tok Pisin and Khmer, and used to speak French as a child.

My personal blog can be found at and my Twitter account is @MarcDurdin.

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Open Source Credits and Kudos

We are now using BrowserStack to test KeymanWeb and browser and renderer support for various languages and scripts. BrowserStack is an awesome tool to automatically test your website across thousands of different devices and browsers, instantly. They have kindly sponsored us with a free plan as a way of supporting the open source development of KeymanWeb! Many thanks, BrowserStack :)

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