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Keyman is free on all platforms!

Following SIL International’s purchase of the Keyman intellectual property in September 2015, SIL has now completed the acquisition of Keyman from Tavultesoft.

About SIL International

As of August 2017, SIL has now made the entire Keyman product suite freely available to the world.

Read the full announcement on our blog!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I bought a license of Keyman from Tavultesoft before the free version was available, can I get a refund?
No. Tavultesoft is not offering refunds.
Who do I go to for technical support?

Support has transitioned to be primarily community based. We have two new locations for Keyman technical support:

The Tavultesoft Forums are now read only.

I have an existing license for Keyman Desktop. What happens to that license?
Your license will continue to work. SIL and Tavultesoft are committed to keeping the license servers running. However, we would encourage you to upgrade to version 17.0, which is completely free.
What are SIL’s long-term plans for Keyman?

SIL will continue to provide Keyman as a user-friendly downloadable program with the existing and growing catalogue of high quality keyboard layouts.

SIL’s long-term goal is to provide a freely available and extensible keyboarding platform, using Keyman as a foundation. SIL is working with standards organisations to create a global keyboarding standard, and will update Keyman to be the open source reference implementation for all major operating systems.

What is Marc Durdin doing?
You may know Marc as the primary developer of Keyman. Marc is leading the SIL team developing the Keyman projects within SIL.
What is happening to Tavultesoft?
Tavultesoft will continue to operate as a consulting microbusiness, mostly for Keyman-related projects. As SIL now owns the Keyman IP, Tavultesoft has ceased all development and direct technical support on Keyman itself.
How can I support the development of Keyman?

You can support the Keyman project through financially partnering with Marc’s family. SIL members are funded through partnership with individuals and organisations that support the vision of SIL. Please visit to learn more about the Durdin family’s journey.

You can also donate directly to the Keyman project through the Keyman website at

Keep in touch

The Tavultesoft mailing list has now been closed down. If you would like to keep in touch, here are some options:

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