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Keyman Pre-release Versions

This page contains links for downloading all pre-release versions of Keyman. The downloads are split into two different streams: alpha and beta.

A beta version of Keyman is a version that is nearing full 'stable' release. It will still have bugs, but it will be essentially feature-complete. This version is great for getting the latest features if you are willing to risk occasionally running into problems.

An alpha version of Keyman contains the very latest code. Alpha versions are released daily, whenever we have code changes. As such, alpha versions can be very unstable. They may not install, or they may go wrong in unpredictable ways. We try not to do break things that badly, of course! Installing an alpha version is a great way to get involved in the development of Keyman and test the latest and greatest functionality before it makes it to the mainstream!

If neither of these sound like what you wanted: download a stable release version of Keyman.

Keyman version history (all products)

Keyman Desktop for Windows



Keyman for macOS



Keyman for Linux

Ubuntu: Keyman for Linux can be installed via launchpad:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:keymanapp/keyman-daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install keyman onboard

Keyman for Android



You can also sign up to access pre-release versions through Google Play.

Keyman for iPhone and iPad

Please register for the pre-release versions through the links below for Keyman beta or alpha pre-releases on your iOS device. This will grant access to the respective app version through Apple's TestFlight app, which facilitates direct installation on iOS devices.




Keyman Developer



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