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Get Involved

Keyman is a free and open source software project. Continued development of Keyman depends on the generosity of you, our users. There are many ways in which you can get involved; keep reading to find the best way you can be a part of the journey:

Click here to make a donation to the Keyman project by credit card, check, or bank transfer. Your donation will be used to help cover the costs of developing Keyman, including paying staff and contractors, server costs and hardware and software purchases.

Create a keyboard layout for your language

Keyman Developer is our comprehensive tool for creating keyboard layouts for every major platform; it is of course completely free and open source! Go ahead and download Keyman Developer to start creating keyboard layouts today. Once you have created a layout, you can share it online, and if you like, contribute it to the Keyman keyboard repository.

Localize Keyman for your language

Many of the Keyman products have an option to change the displayed language. In Keyman for Android and Keyman for iPhone and iPad, the Keyman UI will match your device's locale (if the translated strings are available). If your language is not an available option, or some of the strings need to be updated, visit to help translate Keyman into your language.

Support other users

Many users come and ask questions about using Keyman in our online community. Each question that you answer helps many other users who may be searching for similar answers, and allows the developers to focus on improving Keyman! And if you have new knowledge about Keyman, you could even contribute that to the documentation — keep reading.

Test a new version

We frequently release updates to Keyman. Independent testing and reporting of issues is greatly appreciated. When you test bug fixes and report issues, you help those who are depending on Keyman to work in their language, many of whom do not have the capacity to test new versions themselves.

Write some code

Because Keyman is open source, anyone can contribute code. We love pull requests, forks and code reviews ;-). Keyman includes C++, Java, Swift,ObjC, Delphi, Javascript and Python code, so there is something for every developer! Explore our primary GitHub repo and find out more!

Improve the documentation

Keyman has a lot of documentation! While we work hard to keep Keyman documentation up to date, there is always room for improvement. If you spot a gap in the documentation, or a mistake, you can submit an update through our GitHub documentation repository, by editing the source files directly online in GitHub!

Join the team!

Do you have a passion for software development? Would you be interested in joining SIL and working full-time on developing software that serves the needs of language communities around the world? Write us, or ping us on @Keyman and introduce yourself — we'd love to meet with you!

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