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Obsolete Keyboards

Keyboards that are non-Unicode or older versions may be downloaded from the following link. Generally, unless you know you have a specific need for an older keyboard, you should download the latest version from the Keyboard Search. Note that the search for obsolete keyboards will return both current and obsolete keyboards.

Static activation license keys

Keyman Desktop 9.0 and earlier versions are now available for free. We have made special builds of two older versions of Keyman Desktop available which do not require any activation: 9.0.528.0 and 8.0.361.0. These are feature identical to the Professional Editions.

All other downloads listed with "static activation required" still require a license number to complete activation. However, the license number can be used without limitation on as many computers as needed. Those that are listed with "Online static activation" require connection to an online license server.

If you have a license for an older version of Keyman, your old license numbers will continue to work.

Please note: manual activation support requests will not be accepted. Self-service manual activation.

Keyman Desktop 9.0 (Pro)BUES-NJBK-3UZW-S3AB-9VNF
Keyman Developer 9.0AVFT-PB54-CFRJ-NF67-DR67
Keyman Desktop 8.0 (Pro)HWCY-LYT2-PKJ5-8ZQR-T74B
Keyman Developer 8.0GXDZ-MZ9P-XS8J-PE76-CQD6
Keyman Desktop 7.1 LightFYAW-JWRJ-RDHP-JB23-HMJB
Keyman Desktop 7.1 ProEZBX-KFP4-YAJS-X677-DRLV
Keyman 6.2Name: Keyman
Company: Keyman
Licence No: K0300-1406-7831
Reg Key: TS-Keyman-8341-B62F

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