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What people are saying about Keyman

"@Keyman is the best and works efficiently with windows 10. Download the power geez keyboard and Amharic on too."

@fegabuti - June 2021

"Such great software. Thanks for supporting those who need to enter text in 100’s of less-widely-supported languages."

@simoncaudwell - March 2021

"Keyman, I installed it on my PC and can write [Egyptian] in quadratic form. You guys did an amazing job. Thanks!

L. Cavanagh - December 2020

"... I would suggest to stick with keyman and I am sure you would love the experience.
I type #Amharic like a Pro on Keyman [winking face]"

@MekonnenAkele - December 2019

"@keyman, thank you for the Tamil keyboard. Loved how easy it is to type in Tamil."

@BlueLotusTrans - July 2019

"If you need to develop keyboard inputs for your language @keyman is a great resource. Make keyboards for iOS, Android, Mac, & Windows! #ᏣᎳᎩ, Osage, Diné Bizaad, Lakota, & Cree Syllabics are just some of the Keyman keyboards."

@NativeLangsTech - May 2019

"The software works perfectly, and we've already translated a document into Tamil!"

A Customer - IFMR, Tamil Nadu - June 2012

"As a longtime customer... I'm very grateful. It's an excellent piece of software -- by far the easiest way I know of typing in Greek on a Windows system."

Mark Landon - June 2012

"In the language lab we use Tavultesoft Keyman with the Heidelberg Solution input (fully phonetic for Devanagari and transliteration) on Win XP. Everyone I've shown this to has taken it up quickly, without a lot of instruction, and have liked it a lot. The keyboard mapping and documentation are particularly good."

Jose Rodriguez - Emory College, Georgia - January 2009

"I have just launched a web site that promotes the Amharic language through the use of "creative writings" ... Thank you for producing a quality software."

Toto Adefris (ቶቶ አደፍርስ) - The Very Best of Toto - December 2009

"Thank you for this fascinating programme. I am enjoying the ability to type instead of hand writing phonetic characters."

Margaret Gleeson - Victoria University of Wellington

"Excellent piece of software! Really easy to use. Excellent range of third-party keyboards available."

Brian Hayes - November 2011

"I only wish I had discovered Keyman sooner. For typing Polytonic Greek, I know of no better solution for the Windows Operating System than Keyman (and I've tried a handful of solutions). Where Windows has fallen remarkably short, Keyman has picked up the slack. I recommend the software to anyone and everyone who needs to integrate Greek scripting into their written prose."

A Customer - The University of Chicago - April 2008

"We do a great deal of editorial work involving Greek and Hebrew and the Tavultesoft software has been extremely useful. Many thanks for your prompt and helpful response."

Peter Cooper - Alexander Street Press

"I do most of my greek work on a Windows 7 operating system, running Keyman. It makes typing polytonic Greek a real breeze."

Seumas Macdonald - Compliant Subversity blog - July 2010

What people are saying about KeymanWeb

"I'm quite happy to see the launch of KeymanWeb. This new web service permits academics to use any input language on any computer in a university setting, even when they do not have access to administrative privileges needed to install the software on the computer."

A Customer - The University of Chicago - July 2010

"Using the Bookmarklet with the Amharic Keyboard. Works great in google chat."

Kitfo – Twitter – August 2010

"Keymanweb virtual online keyboard is a winner."

Seumas Macdonald - Compliant Subversity blog - July 2010

"In my opinion your KeymanWeb is the best online keyboard tool. I strongly support such good products."

Fabio - El Galepin - March 2009

"The solution offered by you indeed is the best which is free, easy to use and readily accessible too. Congraulations and thank you."

Abdul-Majid Bhurgri - July 2010

What people are saying about Keyman Developer

"Most people who develop in @keyman only use a fraction of its capabilities."

@enablelanguages - Jan 2021

"had a blast at the @keyman 2020 Workshop last week, great lectures, great trainers, and great fun hanging out with keyboard enthusiasts -not to mention a great price! After years of day dreaming about it, I made a #Musnad:"

@ethiopic - March 2020

"Thanks to @keyman, just finished a Taiwanese Pe̍h-ōe-jī keyboard for all platforms just the 3rd day of the 1-week workshop. Can't wait to publish it!"

@ngoohebi - February 2020

"Keyman Developer is a must for anyone that needs to develop keyboards and input methods, its many programming and input features provide users with a one stop keyboard management solution."

Ken Skuse - BBC World Service

"We are delighted to be in a position to distribute Aboriginal language keyboard solutions to our clients. The local Saanich tribe will be the first to benefit ... You can be sure that your invention will be a wonderful enabling tool for a host of new Indigenous communities via their connections to First Peoples' Cultural Foundation."

Peter Brand - First Peoples' Cultural Foundation, British Columbia

"I must admit you are doing a great service to linguistic community in developing this type of software which is essential for developing Keyboards and language-specific software by this. I had written to someone who has a master's degree in computer application (MCA), was full of praise of this software. He was not aware of it, and added that it is a wonderful tool. I have no knowledge of computer systems intricacies. I believe in the same way: it is wonderful. I wish Marc and his associates a grand success for developing software like this."

Professor Mrinal Kanti Nath - Calcutta University

"This summer I got the opportunity to try to compile a key board using your Keyman Developer. By the way I am a registered user of your product and I am the only employee cum owner of my company. As I was developing a test keyboard I found it very interesting, intelligent, and efficient. You really did a wonderful job!"

Abdus Shakil - BornoSoft

"Thank you for creating such a wonderful program. I can't live without it. I am telling people about Keyman and Keyman Developer, so you may see more orders coming in from Japan."

Toshihide Nakayama - Japan

What people are saying about Keyman Support

"You are an excellent partner with us and you excel in customer service. That is getting to be a rare quality in today's world and we greatly appreciate and value you as one of our best vendors."

Rusty Riggs - The Seed Company, March 2015

"The support I received was fantastic. It was very quick, and I was able to be up and running again. Thank you for the excellent response!"

Patrick Barber - East Point Church of Christ, Kansas - August 2012

"Thank you very much for making my move to a new computer smooth… Absolutely not a penny wasted in purchasing your software."

Dawn Jacob - March 2012

"May I comment that this is excellent customer service, and I'm glad I purchased this product."

Anna Reeve - UK - August 2010

"I'm glad we chose your software (it's popular in Sri Lanka I believe) which was worth every cent with all the support you gave us."

Yoshiko Abe - Kurunegala, Sri Lanka - January 2010

"Tavultesoft offers very good support. Initial difficulties were solved easily and efficiently by Mr. Peirce Baehr."

Dr Ory Amitay - Mt Carmel-Haifa University - May 2009

"I thank you from my heart for your help and advice ... I am indebted for the ability to type in both Greek and Hebrew."

Dr. Robert R. Zweitzig - Faith Seminary, Maryland - September 2009

"You resolved my problem. Many thanks! I know there are free things out there, but I thoroughly enjoy Tavultesoft and its ease of use."

Dr. Lee Fields - Mid-Atlantic Christian University - March 2012

"Thank you once again… I've never yet experienced such helpful support from any kind of online provider."

Reuben Ramsey - University of Newcastle, Australia - December 2010

"Good product and good service; who could ask for more?"

Michael Nye - May 2011

"I think your company must be the most efficient and helpful ever!"

Anne - August 2009

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