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Keyman for Linux
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Introducing Keyman for Linux

Keyman for Linux makes it possible to type in over 1,000 languages in any Linux application. Create your own custom keyboards with Keyman Developer 11.0*.

Keyman for Linux also includes KMFL, so your existing KMFL keyboards will continue to work.

* Keyman Developer is currently a Windows-only product; however, the command line compiler kmcomp runs in WINE.

Want to try the Keyman for Linux 11.0 Beta? Learn more

As with all Keyman products, Keyman for Linux is completely free and open-source. The feature grid below details the technical differences in functionality between Keyman Desktop for Windows, and the current version of Keyman for Linux:

Feature Windows Support Linux Support
World-leading input methods for thousands of languages
Create your own custom keyboards
Keyboard switching hotkeys
baselayout() statement
if() statement
mnemonic layouts (always US base layout)
IMX support (e.g. Chinese keyboard)

Keyman Configuration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I install Keyman for Linux?

While in the beta period, visit /beta to access pre-release builds. You can also build from source.

Q. What Linux distros will Keyman work with?

A. Keyman runs on Debian, Ubuntu, Wasta Linux and can be compiled to run from source in most distributions.

Q. Will my existing Windows Keyman keyboard work with Keyman for Linux?

A. Most keyboards will work without change. A small subset of keyboards require features which are not yet available in Keyman for Linux. These features will be progressively implemented. Keyman for Linux will inform you when you attempt to install a keyboard if it is using a currently unsupported feature.

Q. I found a bug. Where can I report it?

A. Please report bugs through the SIL Keyman Community.

Q. What languages does Keyman support?

A. The short answer is a lot! With keyboards for over 1000 languages, there's a very good chance we have yours covered. You can search for a keyboard for your language here. If we don't already have a keyboard available, you can use Keyman Developer 11.0 to build one!

Q. Will you help me install Keyman?

A. Because we are offering this as a free download, we can not provide direct technical support. Please direct support enquiries to the SIL Keyman Community.

Q. Are there any known issues?

A. All known issues are listed in our GitHub repository.

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