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SIL Ethiopic Unicode keyboard

Important note: This is an obsolete version of this keyboard. Unless you have a good reason, click here to install the new version, called sil_ethiopic, instead.

Keyboard Details

This keyboard was developed for keyboarding the Ethiopic Script. The "SIL Ethiopic" keyboard is designed to work best with the Abyssinica SIL font which is a part of this package. However, you can use this keyboard with any Ethiopic Unicode font (such as Nyala). The Keyman source file is provided as a part of the package for convenience in modifying the keyboard. For the official release of this SIL keyboard and fonts package, visit:

Keyboard ID silethiopicv1.3k7
Supported Platforms WindowsmacOS
Author SIL International and Hans Schaumberger
License freeware
Documentation Help not available.
Source Source not available.
Keyboard Version 1.0
Last Updated 2023-08-11 07:17
Package Download silethiopicv1.3k7.kmp
Monthly Downloads 0
Total Downloads 0
Encoding Unicode
Minimum Keyman Version 6.0
Related Keyboards sil_ethiopic (new version)
Supported Languages Amharic Awngi Bench Expand 8 more >><< Collapse Bilin Dizin Geez Me'en Mursi Sebat Bet Gurage Suri Tigrinya

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