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Nigeria Unicode Odd Vowels Keyboard

Important note: This is an obsolete version of this keyboard. Unless you have a good reason, click here to install the new version, called sil_nigeria_odd_vowels, instead.

Keyboard Details

This keyboard pairs with two other keyboards to cover the expected needs of most of Nigeria's languages. The three keyboards are identical except that the vowels are treated differently. The literacy alpha behaves the same as the other vowels here but has to be treated differently on the other keyboards. This keyboard treats vowels that have different shapes like schwa, epsilon, and etc. It also includes standard "hook" (implosives), nasality, tone, and the Naira sign. Busa [bqp] requires a special modification of this keyboard for it's nasality requires. Available by request.

Keyboard ID nigeria unicode odd vowels
Supported Platforms WindowsmacOS
Author Wycliffe Nigeria
License freeware
Documentation Help not available.
Source Source not available.
Keyboard Version 1.0
Last Updated 2023-08-11 07:17
Package Download nigeria unicode odd vowels.kmp
Monthly Downloads 0
Total Downloads 0
Encoding Unicode
Minimum Keyman Version 6.0
Related Keyboards sil_nigeria_odd_vowels (new version)
Supported Languages Berom Bura-Pabir Idoma Expand 6 more >><< Collapse Kamwe Lamang Mada (Nigeria) Mumuye Mwaghavul Tarok

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