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Korean Morse keyboard

Important note: This is an obsolete version of this keyboard. Unless you have a good reason, click here to install the new version, called sil_korean_morse, instead.

Keyboard Details

The Korean Morse keyboard creates Korean hangeul from jamo each time you press Spacebar. The Korean Morse keyboard is built to type Korean using the Morse transliteration system, also called SKATS (Standard Korean Alphabet Transliteration System). The Morse system is designed to make Latin-Korean transliteration 100% unambiguous. The Morse system is not based on the pronunciation of Korean, but is an historical system created by pairing each Korean jamo with the Latin letter that uses the same Morse code value. The system is used among government and military organisations for whom data accuracy is essential. For an alternative accurate transliteration system, based on Korean pronunciation, use the Korean KORDA keyboards.

Keyboard ID korean_morse
Supported Platforms WindowsmacOS
Author Tavultesoft Pty Ltd
License freeware
Documentation Keyboard help
Source Source not available.
Keyboard Version 1.1
Last Updated 2020-12-04 03:40
Package Download korean_morse.kmp
Monthly Downloads 0
Total Downloads 0
Encoding Unicode
Minimum Keyman Version 8.0
Related Keyboards sil_korean_morse (new version)
Supported Languages Korean

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