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Syriac/Aramaic keyboard

Important note: This is an old version of this keyboard. Unless you have a good reason, click here to install the new version, called aramaic_hebrew, instead.

Downloads for other devices

Install on Windows
Syriac/Aramaic + Keyman Desktop
Keyman Desktop and Syriac/Aramaic in a single installer.
Windows download
Syriac/Aramaic for Windows
Installs only Syriac/Aramaic. Keyman Desktop for Windows must be installed first.
macOS download
Syriac/Aramaic for macOS
Installs only Syriac/Aramaic. Keyman for Mac must be installed first.

Keyboard Details

This package includes 3 Syriac/Aramaic keyboards called: Aramaic (Hebrew layout), Syriac (Phonetic layout), and Syriac (Arabic layout) designed for use with Aramaic and Syriac and related languages.

Syriac (Arabic layout) and Syriac (Phonetic layout) keyboards are based on the standard Syriac keyboards. The Aramaic (Hebrew layout) keyboard was originally created by Illan Gonen, and is based on the Hebrew standard keyboard layout.

The fonts included with these keyboards have been provided by Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute.

Keyboard ID aramaic
Author Tavultesoft Pty Ltd
License freeware
Source Source not available.
Keyboard Version 1.1
Last Updated 2007-12-20 19:18
Encoding Unicode
Minimum Keyman Version 7.0
Platform Support macOS, Windows
Related Keyboards aramaic_hebrew (new version) syriac_aramaic (new version) syriac_phonetic (new version)

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