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Font support for all devices

How to fix square boxes

If you've read or received a message via Keyman that is displayed as square boxes, the most likely cause is that your device does not support the language or script. The Keyman range of products for desktop, web and mobile can help!

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Keyman Fonts for iPhone and iPad (iOS 7 onwards)

Some keyboards require special fonts that do not come standard with your iPhone or iPad. For keyboards that use these fonts, the Keyman app will provide a download of the font to install onto your device, meaning all apps will be able to correctly display the font.

To install the font, touch Install.

You will then be taken to your device settings, and asked to install a profile for the font. Touch Install.

Then Install again in the Consent page.

Once the profile is installed, touch Done.

And then Touch now to return to Keyman.

The font is now successfully installed, and will display correctly throughout your device!

Keyman Fonts for web

To display fonts correctly on desktop web browsers, you can install the suitable Keyman Bookmarklet for the language. This will install the required font:

Find and install a bookmarklet now.

Keyman Fonts for desktop

Many Keyman keyboards type out letters that need special fonts. Without the right font, these letters may turn into square boxes or become unreadable. Keyman keyboards that require a special font will generally come packaged with the font. You can also use the Keyman Font Helper tool to find suitable fonts for your keyboard.

Learn more about the Font Helper tool.

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