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KeymanWeb Source Code and Development

KeymanWeb 17.0 is an Open Source input method system for the web, supporting both desktops and touch devices. Keyboard layouts for use with KeymanWeb can be created with the free download Keyman Developer (Windows).

Add KeymanWeb to a Website

KeymanWeb can be added to your website with just a few lines of code. The following example sources both the core engine and two keyboard layouts from the Keyman Cloud CDN; the code can be hosted on your own servers just as easily.

<script src=''></script>
<script src=''></script>
  (function(kmw) {
    kmw.addKeyboards('@en'); // Loads default English keyboard from Keyman Cloud (CDN)
    kmw.addKeyboards('@th'); // Loads default Thai keyboard from Keyman Cloud (CDN)

Upgrade Note: with KeymanWeb 17.0, the unminified version is no longer served from our CDN. Instead, we use source maps to make the full source available in web developer tools.

Try it!

KeymanWeb has multiple user interface designs to fit into any site. The sample above uses the Toggle User Interface for desktop browsers. Mobile browsers all integrate the language selection into the on screen keyboard.

Add custom keyboard to a Website

The following code snippet shows how you can include a custom keyboard on your website. The keyboard .js file can be created with Keyman Developer.

      name: 'Tai Nua',
      id: 'tainua',
      filename: './tainua.js',
      version: '1.0',
      language: [{
        name: 'Tai Nua',
        id: 'tdd',
        region: 'as'

Use the Keyman Cloud CDN

The Keyman Cloud CDN is appropriate for smaller sites.


Get the code + Contribute

There are additional samples in the code repository. We prefer git pull requests for code submissions.


KeymanWeb is distributed under the MIT license.

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