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Keyman 15.0 Beta

Announcing the release of Keyman 15.0 Beta

2 March 2022

We are pleased to announce that Keyman 15.0 is now in beta!

What's New?

Two major features have been added to our iOS, Android and Web platforms:

We've made many additional bug fixes and improvements (see the version history), and are highlighting just a few of them here.

New Localizations - Many Nigerian languages provided by Translators Without Borders:

  • Bura-Pabir
  • Demgal Fulfulde
  • Hausa
  • Kanuri
  • Kibaku
  • Mandala (Wandala)
  • Marghi
  • Shuwa (Latin)
  • Waha
  • Simplified Chinese

What's Next?

Keyman 15.0 Feedback

User Software

Keyman 15 for Windows


What's New in Keyman 15 for Windows?

  • Use Keyman Core internally (#5443)

Keyman 15 for macOS


What's New in Keyman 15 for macOS?

  • Localizable UI through (#5869)
  • Display Unicode package name correctly instead of '????' (#6016)
  • Add support for M1 processor (#5701)

Keyman 15 for Linux

What's New in Keyman 15 for Linux?

  • Now supports Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute), 21.10 (Impish), and 22.04 (Jammy)
  • Improvements in Debian packaging (#5022)
  • Fix crash when displaying certain keyboard details (#5758)
  • Caps Lock Stores (#5497)
  • Support for Ubuntu Jammy 22.04 (#6037) and Impish 21.10 (#5334)
  • fcitx5 integration (#5215)
  • Improve installation of packages in shared location (#6015)
  • Improvements in Debian packaging
  • Automated integration tests with Keyman Core
  • Lots of bugfixes

Keyman 15 for Android


What's new in Keyman 15 for Android?

  • Keyman Engine no longer needs internet access
  • English keyboard can now be removed (#5838)
  • Add a menu to adjust keyboard height (#5606)
  • Add a settings option to change the displayed keyboard name on the spacebar
  • Improve the globe key experience for switching keyboards (#5437, #5973):
    1. Short press and release the globe key to immediately switch to next keyboard
    2. Long press and release the globe key to bring up the keyboard picker menu
    3. Allow switching to other system IME's in the keyboard picker menu
  • Select numeric layer when entering a number field (#5664)
  • Improved performance (#5376)

Keyman 15 for iPhone and iPad

What's new in Keyman 15 for iPhone and iPad?

  • General polish, bug fixes, and performance improvments
  • Update minimum iOS version to 12.1 (#5165)

KeymanWeb 15


What's New in KeymanWeb 15?

  • Refactored OSK Core
  • Promise-based API (#5389, #5260, #5121)
  • Improve keyboard switch performance (#5958)
  • Enable mouse interaction for the predictive banner (#5739)

Developer Software

Keyman Developer 15


What's new in Keyman Developer 15?

  • Core-based debugger (#5425, #5448, #5513)
  • Keyman Developer Server (#6033,#6034,#6035,#6036)
  • Improved native-mode debugger (#5696, #5640, #5647)
  • Web test no longer needs Developer tools for touch testing (#5723)
  • Add support for U_xxxx_yyyy_... identifiers so you can emit more than a single Unicode character with touch keys without additional kmn code (#5894)
  • Keyman Developer debugger no longer depends on Keyman for Windows (#5588)
  • live reload of web debugger (#6035)

Breaking changes for keyboard developers

We work hard to minimize the potential for breaking changes to Keyman. We sometimes must make a change which may not be 100% backwardly compatible, either to correct a bug, or to address security issues. The following issues are known breaking changes in Keyman 15.0:

  • Keyman for Android now enforces minimum Chrome version 37.0 (#5017)
  • KeymanWeb's OSK field (keyman.osk) is now only available after the promise returned from keyman.init is fulfilled (#5412)

Changes for Keyman Engine

  • Keyman Engine for Android no longer needs internet access
  • Infrastructure for WASM - for future LDML keyboard support (#5233)
  • Inline On Screen Keyboard (#5665)
  • Improved security in incxstr / decxstr

Get Involved

There are many ways you can help: get involved in the Keyman project now!

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