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Keyman 12 is now available!

Introducing Predictive Text for your language

In Keyman 12, we have created predictive text services for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that can be used for any language.

You control the dictionaries for your language

Add a dictionary for your language to Keyman to receive suggestions and corrections as you type.

Create dictionaries for your own language with Keyman Developer

Keyman Developer includes all the functionality you need to create dictionaries for your language. Distribute dictionaries directly through Keyman or peer-to-peer in your community.

Learn more about creating dictionaries

There's more!

We have made many other smaller changes and improvements to Keyman 12, such as a new Welcome screen in Keyman Developer, and improvements to the stability of Keyman for MacOS. Read about all the changes in our release notes.

Get Involved

The success of Keyman is up to you! Keyman is a community-developed program and your involvement guarantees the ongoing usefulness of Keyman. There are many ways you can help: get involved in the Keyman project now!


Keyman for Windows


Keyman for macOS


Keyman for Android


Keyman for Android is also available on the Play Store.

Keyman for iPhone and iPad

Keyman for iPhone and iPad can be found on the App Store.

Keyman for Linux

  • Ubuntu, Wasta-Linux: Keyman for Linux can be installed via launchpad:
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:keymanapp/keyman
    sudo apt install keyman onboard-keyman

    Products for Software Developers



    Keyman Developer


    Keyman Engine for Android


    Keyman Engine for iOS


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