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Keyman 12.0 Beta

Announcing the release of Keyman 12.0 Beta

7 August 2019

We are pleased to announce that Keyman 12.0 is now in beta!

What's New?

  • Predictive Text for Android and iOS

What's Next?

12.0 Beta Feedback

User Software

Keyman for Android 12


You can also sign up to access pre-release versions through Google Play.

What's new in Keyman for Android 12?

  • Predictive Text support
  • New "Settings" menu
  • Improved stability for app startup and loading keyboards
  • Minimum supported version is now Android 4.4 (KitKat)

Keyman for iPhone and iPad 12


Please register for the pre-release versions through the links below for Keyman beta pre-releases on your iOS device. This will grant access to the app through Apple's TestFlight app, which facilitates direct installation on iOS devices.

What's new in Keyman for iPhone and iPad 12?

  • Predictive Text support
  • New "Settings" menu
  • Installing a multilingual keyboard now only adds the first language by default
  • Fix issue with LTR and RTL marks breaking Keyman context checks

Keyman Desktop 12


What's New in Keyman Desktop 12 for Windows?

  • No significant changes

Keyman 12 for macOS


What's New in Keyman 12 for macOS?

  • No significant changes

Keyman 12 for Linux

What's New in Keyman 12 for Linux?

  • No significant changes
  • Ubuntu, Wasta-Linux: Keyman for Linux can be installed via launchpad:
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:keymanapp/keyman
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install keyman onboard

    KeymanWeb 12


    What's New in KeymanWeb 12?

    • New Features:
      • Began adding support for our common LMLayer interface for predictive modeling.
      • Implemented WebWorker background thread for the heavy lifting; all API calls with relevant return values return Promises.
      • Provides API for the following language-modeling functions:
        • predict - Prediction of user's desired word based on context and recent input
        • Also returns a tagged prediction corresponding to the original context state.
        • Corrections are currently limited to the most recent input keystroke.
        • Accepts a probability distribution for the most recent keystroke, which is be used to weight prediction probabilities
        • wordbreak - Performs wordbreaking on the current context state
        • A default wordbreaker based on the Unicode specification is provided as a default.
      • Implements a common "template" for weighted wordlist lexical model functionality:
        • Accepts a "search term to key" function to facilitate common corrections, such as diacritics, during prediction lookups.
        • Predictions are weighted based on their frequency and their input likelihood (based on keystroke probabilities).
      • Accepts fully-specified custom lexical models that do not rely on model "templates."
    • Changes:
      • Resumed TypeScript conversion work, resulting in significant internal restructuring and reorganization while leaving our published API intact.
      • Mobile web "touch alias" elements have been refactored into their own type.
      • Heavily reorganizes and refactors the keystroke processing engine of KMW.
        • Attachment to all supported element types has now been abstracted, splitting keystroke processing from related DOM management.
        • Centralizes code paths to improve parity between hardware and OSK-based keystrokes.
      • In both cases above, significant unit testing was facilitated and has been added as a result, further improving code maintainability into the future.

    Developer Software

    Keyman Developer 12


    What's new in Keyman Developer 12?

    • Lexical model "predictive text" compiler (not yet integrated into GUI)
    • KMAnalyze keyboard source analysis tool

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