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About Tavultesoft

We at Tavultesoft are a small team of software developers and linguists working in Hobart, Tasmania. Tavultesoft began life in 1992, when our CEO Marc Durdin, as a teenager, wrote the first version of Keyman to allow QWERTY keyboards to type in Lao and Thai.

We owe our name, Tavultesoft, to the name of a small coastal village in Papua New Guinea where Marc lived for a short time. You can pronounce our name /tæˈvultiˌsɑft/. The Tavultesoft logo captures Tavultesoft's origin in this village, where there were no telephones, electricity, or computers.

In addition to our core team, we are grateful for a community of people around the globe who have contributed keyboards to Keyman. Their work makes it possible for you to type in hundreds of languages that would otherwise have no computer support.

Our Credentials

We value the support of our customers. To read some of the kind things customers are saying about us, visit our testimonials page.

Tavultesoft is also a Microsoft Partner. This means Tavultesoft demonstrates the highest degree of competence in working with Microsoft technologies, with a specialization in Windows multilingual technologies.

Our People

Marc Durdin - CEO and Chief Developer

Marc wrote the first versions of our flagship product, Keyman, as a teenager while living in Laos, in between home schooling and riding his bicycle around town fixing NGO computers. After moving to Tasmania for University, where he completed a Bachelor of Computing degree, Marc worked with his wife for a year in Papua New Guinea as a volunteer with Australian Volunteers International. Marc continued part-time development of Keyman during and after University and started working full time on Tavultesoft's suite of Keyman projects in 2005.

As a small business owner, Marc juggles a wide variety of tasks, including development of Keyman Desktop, Keyman Developer and KeymanWeb, managing and growing the business and attending and presenting at conferences.

Outside work (and on his way to work) Marc still rides his bike and has been a keen participant in Bike for Bibles rides in Tasmania. He and his wife have two young daughters and an even younger son, and live in the foothills of Mount Wellington. Marc has studied Lao, Thai and Tok Pisin, although he would admit that his grasp of all three languages is getting shaky!

Marc's personal blog can be found at and his Twitter account is @MarcDurdin.

John Durdin - Keyboard and Software Development

John has lived, worked, and studied in Australia, Laos, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, the UK, and the US. He has a Ph.D. in astrophysics and is an experienced computational and field linguist. More importantly, he is Marc's father.

John does many development tasks for Tavultesoft, including designing Keyman keyboards. Recently, John created the touch layout support for KeymanWeb. In addition, John reviews and tests keyboards submitted to us by Keyman Developer users, working with developers to help them publish high quality layouts. John is also the creator of Lao Script for Windows.

Serkan Kurt - iOS and Android Software Developer

Serkan was born in Turkey and started computer programming at the age of 13 while he was taking computer science courses at school. He has studied and finished his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in Cyprus and has moved to Australia to study Masters of IT at University of Tasmania.

Serkan is part of our development team, having joined us in May 2013 and is working on some exciting new projects. In his spare time he develops and publishes his own apps.

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