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Keyman 14.0 Beta

Announcing the release of Keyman 14.0 Beta

15 December 2020

We are pleased to announce that Keyman 14.0 is now in beta!

Note: A beta version of Keyman is a version that is nearing full 'stable' release. It will still have bugs, but it will be essentially feature-complete. This version is great for getting the latest features if you are willing to risk occasionally running into problems.

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What's New?

These major features are in all supported platforms:

  • Simpler and Smoother Keyboard Search
    Search for Khmer Keyboard
  • Localizable UI through (not yet available for macOS).
  • Mobile apps download and install keyboard packages from
  • Consolidated crash reporting to
  • Many bug fixes and improvements (see the version history)

What's Next?

14.0 Beta Feedback

User Software

Keyman for Windows 14


What's New in Keyman for Windows 14?

  • Renamed from Keyman Desktop to Keyman for Windows
  • Keyman keyboards are no longer hidden from the Windows language picker when you exit Keyman. Rather, if you select a Keyman keyboard, Keyman will be restarted for you automatically.
  • Added user interface for configuring all Keyman system-level options (#3733)
  • Refreshed user interface no longer depends on Internet Explorer (#1720)
  • Smoother and more reliable installation of keyboard languages (#3509)
  • Choose associated language when keyboard is installed (#3524)
  • Much improved keyboard download experience (#3326)
  • Improved BCP 47 tag support (#3529)
  • Much improved initial download and installation experience including bundled keyboards (#3304)
  • Keyman Configuration changes now apply instantly (#3753)
  • Improved user experience when many keyboards installed (#3626, #3627)
  • Improved bootstrap installer
  • Now uses Chromium to host all web-based UI (e.g. Keyman Configuration)
  • Breaking: Keyman Engine no longer supports the keyboard usage page (usage.htm)

Keyman 14 for macOS


What's New in Keyman 14 for macOS?

  • Added icon for Keyman app (#3892)
  • Improved compatibility with Java apps (#3944)
  • Added support for European layouts in On Screen Keyboard (#3924)
  • Made it possible to specify app compatibility modes as a user default (#3949)
  • Improved input reliability with modifier keys and cursor keys (#2588, #3946)

Keyman 14 for Linux

What's New in Keyman 14 for Linux?

  • Open a .kmp file with Keyman Config (#3183)
  • Now supports Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy) (#3876)
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved support for KDE, Gnome, Arch Linux
  • Ubuntu, Wasta-Linux: Keyman for Linux can be installed via launchpad:
  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:keymanapp/keyman-beta
    sudo apt upgrade
    sudo apt install keyman onboard-keyman

    Keyman for Android 14


    You can also sign up to access pre-release versions through Google Play.

    What's new in Keyman for Android 14?

    • Improved UI for installing keyboard packages (#3498)
    • Select a language during keyboard package installation (#3481)
      Select language during keyboard installation
    • Added new menu to add languages for an installed keyboard package (#3255)
    • Consolidated install menus for installing keyboards (#3245)
    • Fix slow input in the embedded browser (#3768)
    • Add system globe action to show system keyboards (#3197)
    • Improved corrections and predictions (#3555)
    • Match user input capital letters when offering suggestions (#3845)
    • Update minimum Android SDK to 21 (Android 5.0 Lollipop) (#2993)

    Keyman for iPhone and iPad 14


    Please register for the pre-release version through the links below for Keyman beta pre-releases on your iOS device. This will grant access to the app through Apple's Testflight app, which facilitates direct installation on iOS devices.

    What's new in Keyman for iPhone and iPad 14?

    • Choose associated language(s) when keyboard is installed (#3437)
    • Improved batching of keyboard and dictionary downloads (#3458)
    • Improved corrections and predictions (#3555)
    • Match user input capital letters when offering suggestions (#3845)

    KeymanWeb 14


    What's New in KeymanWeb 14?

    • Adds special keys for right-to-left keyboards (#3851, #3937)
    • Interaction with explicitly blank / hidden keys is now blocked (#3857, #3858)
    • Sourcemap improvements (#2809)
    • Fixes issues with keyboard rules involving system stores (#2884)
    • Fixes issues with keyboard rules involving both 'notany' and 'context' (#3817)

    Developer Software

    Keyman Developer 14


    What's new in Keyman Developer 14?

    • Improve how casing is handled for lexical-models (#3770)
    • Add support for notany() and context() (#3816)
    • Remove IE dependency from Developer setup (#3839)
    • New touch layout special key caps *RTLEnter*, *RTLBkSp*, *ZWSP*, ... (#3878)
    • Improved BCP 47 support and script mapping (#3818)
    • Model compiler merges duplicate words and normalizes when compiling (#3338)
    • Support ISO9995 key identifiers (e.g. E01) (#2741)

    Get Involved

    There are many ways you can help: get involved in the Keyman project now!

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